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Farm Fresh!


Discover what our local farms offer!

We are very fortunate to live in a region with so many outdoor activities! Each season has something unique to offer. Summer brings amazing fruits and vegetables, and lovely, sunny days! It’s the perfect combination for a day out to one of our local farms.

It can be a fantastic learning experience for the kids! Supporting farmers in our area is a great way to teach our children to be community-minded. They can also see how a farm is run, how livestock is taken care of, and how the food we purchase is grown and preserved. It may encourage them to try new fruits and vegetables, too!

Buying from local farms makes sense!

Quality and flavour – Do you really want to eat fruits and vegetables that may have travelled for days on a truck? Local produce can be eaten the same day it was picked!  Generally, local fresh fruits and vegetables contain fewer preservatives, so you are provided with a more natural, wholesome product.

Help your local economy – buying from local farmers supports local businesses and provides income for families in your community.

Help the environment – reducing how far food travels can help reduce carbon emissions. Supporting local farms makes a positive impact on the environment – providing cleaner air and water, while preserving farmland for future generations.

Get out and enjoy the beauty of Summer with your family – and discover what our local farms have to offer!

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