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Home Alone Safety


The reality today, is many parents leave their children home alone for short periods of time while they are at work. However, parents who leave their children home alone or with a sibling, must first create an environment that is safe.

Parents can consider Home Alone courses – Our Home Alone course helps to prepare children with knowledge and skills to stay safe and be responsible when home alone for short periods of time,” says Velma Ganassini, Owner and Program Co-ordinator for SOS For Kids.

The Home Alone Program provides children with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible, and empowers them with confidence and skills to care for themselves when home alone.

Participants Learn:

  • Strategies to look after themselves for short periods of time
  • How to prevent injuries or problems
  • Internet safety
  • How to handle real-life situations and emergencies
  • How to give basic first aid
  • Age-appropriate activities to stay constructively occupied
  • Simple and healthy snacks

Contrary to popular belief, there is no specific age at which a child can be left unattended. However, according to the Halton Children’s Aid Society, parents should not consider leaving their child home alone before the age of 10, and only if the child is ready and mature enough.

For information visit – https://safetycoursesforkids.com/children-safety-courses/home-alone-safety-kids/

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