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Raising a young girl who loves herself, may seem impossible in our culture. With social pressures and media messages, it’s no wonder most girls grow up to dislike some part of her body – but there is a solution. Studies show that young girls who play a sport or exercise regularly, are 6x less likely to numb their emotions with drugs, alcohol, or binge eating.

Did you know that exercise elevates mood, reduces depression, lowers stress levels and improves brain function? It doesn’t matter if it’s dance, soccer, yoga or a stroll through the park; movement works!  If you encourage a girl to find enjoyable ways to move, she will have the tools she needs to deal with emotional ups and downs, and find ways to connect with herself, when nothing else makes sense.

Girls who attend yoga and pilates classes are even more drawn to nurture their bodies, because of the lack of competition and the ability to turn inwards. Paying attention to their thoughts and feelings and letting go of stress are skills they will use their whole lives – and these benefits aren’t just for girls!

You can inspire her by doing it together. This sets a great example, improves your relationship, and enhances your body image too! Now’s the time to create confidence in both of you! Can you find one hour this week to move together?

Editorial provided by Gina Faubert – Serenity Valley

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