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Spotlight – Life Gears Academy


Life Gears Academy was started by a young teacher with a passion for teaching and a desire for making a difference for youth and the community. With her 6 years of experience running STEM programs and summer camps, she developed Life Gears Academy as a way of continuing to do what she loves by enriching the lives of others. Her goal as a teacher is to develop supportive and exploratory environments where youth can challenge their minds and work together to complete projects and tasks.

Life Gears Academy offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs in the form of camps in Guelph and Oakville, and through workshops, birthday parties, and after-school programs in the Guelph area. They specialize in hands-on activities that teach various life skills including leadership, problem solving and teamwork through STEM based activities run by individuals with STEM backgrounds.

Specially qualified instructors…

The company hires passionate and engaging instructors and mentors that are enrolled in STEM programs, or who have completed STEM degrees. Campers relate to these individuals and gain inspiration from their journeys. As a team they work to show youth that STEM doesn’t have to be for everyone, but it can be.

Working to prepare youth for a world that is constantly advancing…

Their focus is on STEM camps to empower young minds in areas that are advancing every day. These camps offer various topics inspired by location and skilled individuals from the communities where camps are run. Activities are based on various themes of the week; including Innovative Designers, Bug Buddies, Girl STEMpowerment, and Magic STEM. Activity examples include: building ziplines, making slime, designing amusement rides, behaving like robots, and lots of outdoor time!

Learning beyond the classroom…

At Life Gears Academy they believe that everyone has the potential to accomplish greatness; and there isn’t one set path for everyone. They work to expose youth to various concepts and tasks that they might not see it in the classroom, or in the home; as a way of developing new interests and exploring hidden talents.

They work to fill the gaps that school might leave while making connections to what is learned there – empowering youth to discover their potential and flourish with an open mind; capable of learning from life and their surroundings. Following a hands-on approach, where learners are digging deep into concepts and developing an understanding; while working as a confident and reliable teammate.

Awesome Summer Camps for 2019!

Life Gears Academy offers the best educational summer camps. For information, or to register, visit https://www.lifegears.org/camps/2019-summer-camps

For more information on other programs, visit http://www.lifegears.org/

Or you can reach them by phone 519-766-3030

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