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Timeless Childhood Games


Take your kids back in time with these games that will keep them occupied and active during summer vacation.

Potato Sack Races: Mark out a start and finish line. Have each child stand in a sack or old pillow case that reaches to their waist. The children line up behind the start line and when you say go, they start jumping. The first person to cross the finish line wins.

Red Light, Green Light: One person is chosen to be the “stop light”. That person stands at the far end of a field with his back facing the other kids who are lined up in a row. The person who is the stop light will say either ‘green light’ or ‘red light’. When he says green light, all the children move forward. When he says red light, all the children must freeze like statues. If the ‘stop light’ catches any of the kids moving, they are sent back to the start line. The first person to reach the ‘stop light’ wins.

What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?: One player is chosen to be Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf stands at the opposite end of a field from the other players, facing away from them. All the players except Mr. Wolf chant in unison “What time is it, Mr. Wolf?” Mr. Wolf will then answer back in one of the two ways:

1) Mr. Wolf can call out a time. The other players then take that many steps forward saying the numbers out loud as they go. So if Mr. Wolf responds, “It’s four o’clock,” the players take four steps forward.

2) Mr. Wolf can yell “Dinner Time!” Then he turns and chases the other players back to their starting point. If Mr. Wolf successfully tags a player, that player becomes the new Mr. Wolf for the next round.

Jail Break: Step one is to determine where the ‘jail’ will be, typically somebody’s front steps or porch. The person who is ‘it’ covers her eyes and counts to 50 while the other children hide. She then tries to find the kids who are hidden and tag them. When someone is tagged they are sent to jail.

The twist is that kids who are hiding can come out and set the kids in jail free by stepping on the jail.

The game ends when all the kids are in sent to jail. The first person who was sent to jail becomes it for the next game.

Editorial provided by Sharon DeVellis

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