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Why Art is Important to a Child’s Development.


When gifted children solve problems in their “area of giftedness” there is increased electrical activity in both the left and right hemispheres. Our society puts lots of importance on strengthening the left hemisphere, but also nourishing the right side through arts and creativity will ensure your child’s brain is working in full tandem; thus achieving the full potential of the mind!

Most people agree that creativity and the arts are good for kids. Kids naturally love to create and participate in tactile experiences, however sadly the opportunities are often lacking in our schools.

According to Kimberly Sheridan, Ed.D., coauthor of Studio Thinking: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education, ”It’s not as easy to test the skills that children learn from the arts, but that doesn’t make them any less important”. She noted though that participating in a school arts program increases a child’s ability to:

  • Observe the world carefully and discard preconceptions in order to envision something and then create it
  • Go beyond just learning a skill to express a personal voice
  • Problem-solve and persist despite frustration and setbacks
  • Reflect on the results and ask what could improve them

What can I do?

There are lots of things you can do to empower your children creatively that won’t break the bank or make a mess! Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep art supplies handy! Paper, pencils, crayons and anything else you are comfortable with, that is age appropriate
  • Look for books at the library about art and artists
  • Take joy in your child’s artwork and show you appreciate his/her creativity by displaying it or keeping it in a folder
  • Look for workshops and art classes if you child is keen to learn more

Editorial by Tracey Dreesen – Speckles Art Studio  www.specklesartstudio.com

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